What if there were a genocide and the Obama administration lied about it?

Winds of Jihad

Sultan Knish:   Friday Afternoon Roundup – Whack-a-Democracy

That’s exactly the situation in Nigeria today where Christians are being exterminated by Muslim terrorists while the Obama Administration refuses to acknowledge either the terrorism or the genocide. And even pressures the Nigerian government to stop resisting the Islamic genocide.

Had a non-Muslim group carried out numerous attacks on mosques and Muslim worshipers, and then ordered Muslims to leave an area, it is absolutely inconceivable that the Obama Administration and its media allies would deny that these were religiously motivated attacks. It is even more inconceivable that its preferred solution would be to tell the government to stop fighting terrorism. But what is inconceivable when it comes to Muslims is Obama Administration policy for Christians…

…There’s a good deal more there and it’s very ugly. Anyone who thinks that the Obama Administration would not actively ignore an Iranian attack on Israel while crippling its ability to resist, should read this article.

The complete article is at Winds of Jihad.

Warning: There is a very graphic photo at the site which should anger everyone, but could be particularly disturbing to more sensitive readers.

Also at the site, ‘Backlash’ in Nigeria!

Church Blasts Kill 12 and Injure 80 in Nigeria, Reportedly Sparking Christian Reprisal Attacks Against Muslims

“There were bodies everywhere on the ground.”…

At GatewayPundit, It’s Sunday: Muslims Bomb 3 Churches, Murder 21 Christians in Nigeria

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