What is going on in Quartzsite, AZ?

Freedom Watch

AZCOPS Vice President John Stair joins Freedom Watch to explain the grave allegations Quartzsite, Ariz. police officers have levied against their own police chief

At WorldNetDaily, “Armed and Dangerous: ‘Nazi’ police ‘kidnap’ woman at town hall
Outraged mayor: ‘I’m not going to quit until I see them in jail’ “

A small town in Arizona is suddenly a YouTube sensation after a town-hall meeting devolved into a physical clash as a woman was forcibly removed from speaking during the public portion of the event.

Jennifer “Jade” Jones, 45, of Quartzsite, Ariz., was taken into custody by local police at the behest of Quartzsite councilmembers, over the objections of the mayor, who pleaded with officers not to remove the woman.

The incident took place June 28 during the “call to the public” section of the meeting, as Jones, a pet groomer who also publishes the Desert Freedom Press, was addressing matters of taxation and meeting protocol.

Update: More from WorldNetDaily, ‘Nazi’-cop town ‘firing’ officers, stops paying mayor; Arizona opens probe as national interest into corruption heats up

The state of Arizona is now investigating allegations of massive corruption among government officials in Quartzsite, Ariz., the town that’s the focus of worldwide attention after police forcibly removed a woman from speaking at a town-hall meeting, and where the mayor today says he’s not being paid and most local police officers are wrongly being fired and have been ordered not to leave their homes.

“I’m no longer getting paid as mayor,” said Ed Foster, the elected head of Quartzsite. “That’s not a big deal, but it’s in the town code that I get a stipend of $400. If they made a decision to withdraw my stipend, they have to do it in public, so just the decision to do it in private is another violation of the open-meeting law. It’s just idiocy.”…

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