What the Rush Limbaugh Camp Says They Found out About the Political Activists Behind the ‘Stop Rush’ Campaign

Fred Lucas
The Blaze

The “Rush Limbaugh Show” says its investigation has discovered the secret behind the Stop Rush campaign that has sought to pressure the program’s advertisers: it’s pushed by progressive activists and even violates Twitter rules.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently sent out a round of emails to potential donors echoing the Stop Rush group, and asking people to sign a petition to demand companies stop sponsoring the conservative talk radio program that airs from 12-3 p.m. ET on weekdays.

That group has promoted itself as grassroots consumers. However, a spokesman for the Limbaugh program said the program’s own investigation found it was founded by Angelo Carusone, executive vice president of Media Matters for America…

…The activists have been able to make their reach look larger by using automated tweeting software, which is in violation of Twitter rules, according to a release by Limbaugh’s camp. The automated tweeting software allows them to send tweets faster.

The Limbaugh show is releasing the names of those top 10 tweeters, who account for 70 percent of all tweets…



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