What vote? The expunged records of CA state senate

[California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore will challenge United States Senator Barbara Boxer for her seat in the 2010 election.]

On Glenn Beck via FoxNews.com:

What Vote?

We begin in California. I know: surprise, surprise. You might not believe this story. It’s even too crazy for California, but here we go.

They’re trying to close their $26 billion budget shortfall. They voted on the latest budget deal, which included a proposal which would allow oil drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara.

Now, why would you do that?

The measure passed the state Senate and then moved to the assembly. On July 24, it was killed by a vote of 43 to 28. But then something very strange happened: The assembly voted to expunge the vote from the record. They erased who voted and how they voted, from the public record — apparently, because they didn’t want anyone to know.

As Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, who sponsored the proposal said, “Certainly, George Orwell would be proud.” But it was pretty strange to expunge the record. As DeVore pointed out, the whole thing was carried live on Cal Channel — which is kind of like an even more boring state version of C-Span.

The video was not posted on Cal Channel. We called to see where it is. They said, “Well, it takes about a week.” We said, “Can you put it up faster than that?” “Well, it’s a state-run arm. We’ll try.”

We haven’t seen it yet. But it is coming or at least so they tell us.

I will tell you that we have something else they don’t want you to see: Assemblyman DeVore got a copy of that vote before they deleted the record. He sent it to me. I’ve posted the list of the names of people in California, you know, that didn’t absolutely vote — what vote?

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