“When I heard the words ‘Allahu Akbar!’ and the gunfire, I knew we were in trouble”


Tell that to John McShitstain:


Allahu Akbar is just like when a Christian says, “Thank God.” – John McCain

Allahu Akbar is just like when a Christian says, “Thank God.” – John McCain


Letter from Kenya: Surviving Westgate
Men with large rifles or machine guns fired into the crowd, he said. Some children fell, shot; others lay down. He described the gunmen firing into their backs. One of the attackers took up a stone and slammed a man, who was holding a child, in the head. Then he picked his gun back up and fired more.

The men stopped shooting. One yelled, in Swahili, “Kama wewe ni Muslamu amka uende!”—“If you’re Muslim, get up and go!” Some people got up. Then the gunmen opened fire again. Done, they ran into the mall. Njoroge went into another stall, away from the window, and crouched on the toilet…


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Nairobi Mall attack: the tragic counting of the dead

It has been nearly a week since the devastating al Shabaab attack on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall. The death toll has been confirmed so far at 67. The names of 30 of those have been released and small fragments of their lives revealed. Here the Telegraph provides details of those 30 lives lost…

…Kenya’s Red Cross say that 61 people remain missing…



Briton gave life as hostage trying to save children in Nairobi mall attack

A British sales executive was shot dead in last week’s terrorist attack on a Nairobi shopping centre as he offered himself as a hostage to save children at a cookery contest, it emerged on Friday…

…Pressure was last night mounting on Kenya’s security services, as it was revealed officials were warned a year ago that terrorists were planning a suicide attack on the shopping centre…



Hero of Kenya massacre, and the girl he saved 

…Yards away a man with a pistol who was shooting at a heavily armed young jihadi in a bandanna who was taunting him to come closer.

That man was Abdul Haji, the son of a former security minister in the Kenyan government, who had rushed to the mall after getting a text message from his brother who was trapped inside…

…Mr Haji said his father taught him to use a gun to protect their cattle from bandits when he was growing up.

Last Saturday, he used his skills to provide fire cover for the Kenyan Red Cross workers and, over a period of three hours, help to evacuate some of the 1,000 people who escaped the mall in the initial stages of a siege that would last three days and leave at least 72 people dead. As he stood with a fellow rescuer crouched outside the Nakumatt supermarket, Mr Haji said he noticed the women hiding under the table.

“Just a few minutes ago we were exchanging fire with the terrorists and these people were right in the middle of it, in the crossfire. We regrouped and we started to strategise on how to get them out of there,” he said…



Portia Walton is helped to escape by Abdul Haji GORAN TOMASEVIC/REUTERS

Portia Walton is helped to escape by Abdul Haji GORAN TOMASEVIC/REUTERS


Westgate terrorists used pre-cached weapons

…The militants who led the attack on a Kenyan mall hired a shop there in the weeks leading up to the siege, senior security sources have told the BBC.

This gave them access to service lifts at Westgate enabling them to stockpile weapons and ammunition.

Having pre-positioned weapons they were able to re-arm quickly and repel the security forces…



Nairobi Westgate Terror Attack Demonstrates New Level in Cultural Psychopathy

…A soldier, who took pictures at a bread counter and at the ArtCaffe, said he was so traumatised by what he saw he has had to seek counselling…



Barbarism in the Nairobi mall

I suggest you think long and hard before clicking on this link about the extreme barbarism with which the terrorists at the Nairobi mall treated their victims, because it contains some of the most disturbing information you will ever read.

I should also include a caveat that it has not yet been corroborated, and I suppose it could turn out to be false.

I would like for it to turn out to be false, because the alternative is exceedingly harrowing. But so far I will assume it is true, because I’m not sure what motivation the Kenyan soldiers reporting these details would have to lie about them, and because we’ve already seen a similar sadistic strain among some Islamic terrorists (slow beheadings, people hacked to death in broad daylight on a London street)…


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