Where All Mac Users Can Find a Copy of the Constitution

Fred Lucas
The Blaze

Own a Mac? Now there’s no excuse for not being up on the U.S. Constitution: It turns out there’s an electronic copy on every Apple computer.

As Steven Sande of the Unofficial Apple Weblog wrote Tuesday: “Perhaps now that more of those in the federal government are using Macs, we might begin to see them paying more attention to this document that outlines the supreme law of the land. Why? Well, there’s a copy of the U.S. Constitution on each and every Mac in the Dictionary app.”…

…Other available references include a list of the 50 states, U.S. presidents, countries of the world and conversions for metric and standard weights and measures.

With constitutional debates frequently popping up on issues like gun control, free speech and campaign spending, and religious freedom, Sande noted, “it’s sure nice to know that if you’re offline and just happen to need to know what the 21st amendment to the Constitution did (it repealed Prohibition), you’ve got it at your fingertips.”



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