WHI: ‘Scare tactics x1000 is what’s coming up now’ in time for 2014 mid-terms

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “You Ain’t No Hero If You Spent The Last 20 Years Being A Traitor”

The Ulsterman Report

…The big roll out is coming in a few more weeks give or take.  Going to be poor grandma and poor grandpa, he fought in the war but now he can’t get his surgery, or his pills, and everyone is going to die if the Republicans keep the House, blah-blah-blah.  Scare tactics x1000 is what’s coming up now.  Thing is, you can’t just discount this stuff.  These Obama operatives are good at this thing, and the media has become one big Obama operative too.  And with the millions of dollars that the Obama action for assholes organization (CAJ note: Organizing for Action) is going to be dumping into all this, if people don’t get ready to talk back the lies and hold up the truth, then they will win.  Again.  Don’t underestimate these people.  They will do what needs to be done.  Period.  Don’t forget, it worked for them in 2012.  They are going to go all-in on that same method in ’14.  Among other things I still say went down too.  I know, I know, I’m supposed to let that stuff go.  I can’t.  Never gonna.  Dishonest motherfuckers…

…Watch for the big Mediscare campaign roll out…


Read the complete article (which includes commentary about Benghazi) at The Ulsterman Report.

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