White House official on Obama earlier this year calling ISIS junior varsity

Jake Tapper

(CNN) – In January President Obama told The New Yorker magazine that ISIS, the militant group which has taken control of parts of western and northern Iraq, was like a junior varsity basketball team.

“The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Obama said.

Obama authorized “targeted airstrikes” against ISIS Thursday. The military began a second round of airstrikes against ISIS near Irbil on Friday, U.S. officials told CNN.

But Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken denies the White House underestimated the threat of the militant group…

…The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, has been targeting minorities, Shiite Muslims, and Christians – threatening Christians with “death by the sword” if they do not convert…



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The Daily Beast, After Underestimating ISIS, Obama Scrambles for Plan to Defeat Them (video)

The Obama administration moved quickly this week to try to defend U.S. personnel from an impending advance from the terrorist group ISIS – an offensive that caught the President and his advisers off-guard, and forced him to reconsider his long-standing opposition to new military action in Iraq. But Obama still has not decided on, much less put into motion, any plan to stem ISIS’s expansion, despite having committed military forces…


Update: ISIS Supporters Flash Islamic Flag in Front of White House


We are in your state
We are in your cities
We are in your streets

You are our goals anywhere

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