WHOOPS! Vatican Lets Slip Plans For One World Government

Michael Brendan Dougherty
Business Insider

In a widely-expected note on the financial crisis and economic justice, Vatican Officials accidentally call for the establishment of a One World Global “Authority” to regulate financial markets and national governments.

After gently noting that such a project is “a complex and delicate process”, the document begins to capitalize the word, “Authority” in the most unsettling, conspiracy-launching way possible:

A supranational Authority of this kind should have a realistic structure and be set up gradually. It should be favourable to the existence of efficient and effective monetary and financial systems; that is, free and stable markets overseen by a suitable legal framework, well-functioning in support of sustainable development and social progress of all, and inspired by the values of charity and truth. It is a matter of an Authority with a global reach that cannot be imposed by force, coercion or violence, but should be the outcome of a free and shared agreement and a reflection of the permanent and historic needs of the world common good.

The document was issued by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, an obscure office in the Vatican that usually satisfies itself with issuing vague statements on social issues…

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