Who’s reading Glenn’s new book? Maybe not who you think…

Some fun today via Glenn Beck’s website:

Picture of the Day – September 25, 2009

Who is reading Glenn’s new book? It might not be who you think…The Insiders have sent in these amazing photos (see more on the Insider message board)…





We confess we’ve copied these photos straight from Glenn Beck’s website and wish him huge success with his new book, Arguing with Idiots. We’d like to leave the images here as advertisement for the book until someone from his attorney’s office contacts us with a demand to remove them.

Buy the book. If it’s as good as Glenn Beck’s Common Sense, you’ll have a wonderful, educational reading experience! And, no, we’re not getting any sort of payment. We’re going to stand in line, just like everyone else, to buy our copies.

Glenn Beck’s Book Tour

Exton, PA
Barnes & Noble, 7-8pm
301 Main Street

Cherry Hill, NJ
Barnes & Noble, 9-10 pm
911 Haddonfield Road

Stamford, CT
Borders, 8-9 pm
1041 High Ridge Road

Norwalk, CT
Forest & Field Shop
8 – 10:30 am
4 New Canaan Avenue

Farmington, CT
1 – 2 pm
1600 South East Rd.

Worcester, MA
Barnes & Noble,
3-4 pm
541 D Lincoln Street

Providence, RI
5-6 pm
142 Providence Place

North Haven, CT
Barnes & Noble,
8-9 pm
470 Universal Drive North

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