Whose interest is AARP representing?

Republicans Target AARP’s Ties to Health-Insurance Industry

by Rep. John Carter
Congressman for the 31st District of Texas

The House Republican Conference has been circulating talking points among lawmakers and staffers, saying AARP wants an overhaul because its business arm would benefit from legislation in both the House and the Senate. Friday, three Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee sent a letter to AARP Chief Executive A. Barry Rand, saying the group’s support for proposed cuts in the overhaul bills to Medicare Advantage plans would lead to benefit cuts for seniors.

“Is AARP truly an insurance company?” Mr. Reichert said. “A lot of seniors are out there saying, ‘I’m not sure AARP is representing my interest any more.’”

The Congressman references this article from The Wall Street Journal: ‘Republicans Target AARP’s Ties to Health-Insurance Industry’

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