Why America Needed ‘American Sniper’

Michael Graham
News Radio 1067 Atlanta Live

…When it was over and the credits were rolling, I watched a packed theater full of people walk out in silence. I’ve never seen that happen before. That’s how powerful an emotional impact American Sniper made on us as viewers.

But I hope the content of the movie also made some intellectual impact. Because there are some important facts pointed out and issues raised in this movie—points the support the decision to invade Iraq in the first place…

…As of this writing, it’s looking like American Sniper is on a path to take in more than $200 million at the box office. That’s good, because movies like this one are important. The accusations that the movie glorifies war or killing are bogus. Nobody watches the movie and says “I wish I were Chris Kyle!” The impact of war was devastating on Kyle, his fellow soldiers and his family. But the movie also reminds us of the necessity of force for good to prevail, and how powerful one man’s simple commitment to his country and its principles can be.

America needs more Chris Kyles. And fewer Michael Moores.



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