Why are Senate Democrats fundraising in Canada?

Ed Morrissey

What does a political party do when its agenda has thoroughly disenchanted the voting public?   Leave the country, according to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet, after the NRSC got its hands on an invite to a fundraising effort in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The event didn’t raise money for the Grits or the Tories, but rather for desperate Senate Democrats and their wannabes:

The Giannoulias Democratic Illinois Senate campaign confirmed Monday–after prodding from the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee–that Alexi Giannoulias was in Canada on Sunday attending a fund-raiser at a trial lawyer convention in Vancouver that would benefit his Senate campaign.

Despite my requests for Giannoulias whereabouts each day, the campaign decided not to disclose that Giannoulias flew to Vancouver on Sunday. …

The Giannoulias campaign revealed Giannoulias whereabouts when I called and asked about the NRSC release. At that point, a campaign spokesman said the Giannoulias was in Los Angeles today for a round of West Coast fund-raising, mainly to cultivate relationships with donors, I was told.

The Vancouver fund-raiser was sponsored by the American Association for Justice’s Committee for a Better Future. The price ranged from $43,200 to $250. The haul from the event was divided between 12 Democratic Senate candidates, according to the invitation (see the text of the invite at the click.). Foreign nationals cannot contribute to U.S. federal campaigns.

I guess I’d call that progress; the trial lawyers can’t meet in the US to give their money to Democrats.  Forcing Democratic candidates to sneak across the northern border gives a pretty good indication of their popularity — and for that matter, the popularity of these Democrats.

The recipient list reads like a who’s-who of desperation, and especially the breakdown of the proceeds.  Even though the invitation lists twelve candidates, Harry Reid gets 20% off the top.  Michael Bennet of Colorado, who appears to be in deep trouble, gets 9.3%.    Everyone else gets 7.07%, with Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut probably the only one not needing it…

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