Why I’m Suing HHS for HealthCare.gov Documents

Sharyl Attkisson

…Squeezing public documents from federal officials hasn’t been easy for me under any administration. But, like many journalists, advocacy groups and members of the public, I’ve found out the hard way that the Obama administration has taken obstruction and secrecy to new heights.

Take HealthCare.gov.

From the moment Health and Human Services falsely denied it was tracking enrollment numbers in the early disastrous days of HealthCare.gov, to HHS keeping secret the details of the security risks it discovered prior to–and after–the website’s launch, to HHS excluding journalists from viewing–but inviting favored private interests to view–the repair operations in progress, I’ve been seeking much of this undeniably public information…

…With the help of Judicial Watch’s experts, I have filed suit against HHS for the HealthCare.gov documents that belong to the public…




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