Why Obama Betrayed the Iranian People

Pamela Geller
American Thinker

Why did President Obama refuse to support the demonstrators in Iran in 2009, but supported the “Arab Spring” in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere more recently?

In 2009, demonstrators filled the streets of Iran, denouncing the regime and crying out for freedom. It was a glorious opportunity for the leader of the free world to demonstrate his support for free people everywhere and strike a decisive blow against the bloody regime that had considered itself at war with the United States for three decades.

But Barack Obama didn’t help them. Quite the contrary. The leader of the free world was too busy extending his hand to those same mullahs.

It was monstrous when Obama stood by and did nothing during the abortive Iranian revolution; instead, he bought ice cream and posed for photo ops on the golf course while the only revolution against Islamic rule in a Muslim country was taking flight in Iran.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed one reason why last week: the Obama administration’s Iranian advisers told them not to express support for the protesters.

“At the time,” Hillary said, “the most insistent voices within the Green Movement and the supporters from outside of Iran were that we, the United States, had to be very careful not to look like what was happening inside Iran was directed by… the United States. So we were torn. … [W]e kept being cautioned that we would put people’s lives in danger, we would discredit the movement, we would undermine their aspirations.”

Now the Foundation for Democracy in Iran has revealed that Hillary’s advisors on Iran included Trita Parsi

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