Why should you care about these two photographs?

21 September 2011

Here’s a clue: what three items weigh 6.8 carats in total and costs a combined $42,150 (which is nearly the average annual salary in the US)?

Anne Leary of BackyardConservative has the answers:

…I wonder if the rest of the press will cover this. Because when you’re playing the class warfare card this sticks in most Americans’ craw.

Much as we disliked the Carter administration then and now, credit to First Lady Rosalynn Carter and Mrs. Mondale for having a “knack for thrift” as the nation endured bad policies and hard times during the mid-to-late 1970s.

Follow the links in Leary’s post. They’re worth your time.

The point of this post is the next time you’re tempted to swallow the bald-faced lie that this President and his party represent working families, that they’re fighting for “the little guy” in life’s game of “fairness” and “class” envy, come right back here and refresh your memory. This isn’t a Hollywood actress borrowing her bling from Harry Winston for her arrival on the red carpet. This is the woman who wasn’t proud of her “mean” country until she was given the opportunity to tell us how to live, and raise our families, possibly until 2016.

Meanwhile, Althouse posted this campaign video.

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Updated/corrected 11:27 pm

Update: JammieWearingFool wonders what part of “shared sacrifice” we’re seeing here. GatewayPundit reminds us that the President, upon signing the unread (and failed) stimulus bill into law in February 2009, scolded his opponents: “everyone must sacrifice for the greater good…everyone must have some skin in the game.” Um, except the First Lady, evidently.

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