IP of Wikipedia libelist responsible for damaging bio of Rush Limbaugh traced to New York law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLPs

From FireAndreaMitchell.com:

We are learning more about blogger Trapdoc posting a letter to Mark Steyn thanks to American Thinker. In the search for the Wikipedia Libelist responsible for damaging posts to the Rush Limbaugh account apparently has been narrowed to the IP address ( which traces back to a New York City law firm: Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLPs. A user with this IP address has also been used to make changes to the article about not only Limbaugh, but also Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, and Sarah Palin. Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions about Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLPs, you should be aware it is possible the IP addresses had been spoofed, or that another firm has access to it. There can be no presumption that Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLPs is the source at this point.

That being said, that there could be no presumption that Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLPs is the source at this point, there are some rather interesting discoveries about this law firm, posted by American Thinker…

FEC records* indicate that individuals associated with Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler, LLC donated almost $100,000 to Obama’s 2008 campaign. Over the last ten years people associated with the firm donated another $80,000 dollars to the Democratic Party and thousands more to Democrats across the country, from Oregon to Florida. Thousands more went to such radical left organizations as Emily’s List and MoveOn.org.

While a small number of other individuals donated a, not insubstantial, amount to Republican candidates over the past decade, those donations went to mainstream candidates and organizations and not to the extremist fringe–such as the leftists at George Soros-funded MoveOn.

The complete article is here.

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