With a Heavy Heart: Tulsa Loses Dr. Perry Inhofe

Maggie’s Notebook

Dr. Perry Inhofe (52), the son of Senator Jim Inhofe and Kay Inhofe, died in a twin-engine plane crash yesterday near Owasso, Oklahoma. We heard the news that a plane had gone viagra best price down yesterday, but only late this afternoon learned that Dr. Inhofe was the pilot and had perished. He was a skilled orthopedic surgeon, specializing in hand surgeries. He has operated on my mother and two brothers. Each of the three had differing causations. He was a kind and caring man, always smiling. This is a great loss to our community and to the Inhofe family which this city has loved and respected for many years…

…Two men were in the woods about 400 yards from the crash site. They saw “one propeller out” and the plane spiraling nose down. They hoped to rescue the occupant(s) but said the plane was engulfed in flames…


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Dr. Perry Inhofe, his son Cole Inhofe, Senator Jim Inhofe

Dr. Perry Inhofe, his son Cole Inhofe, Senator Jim Inhofe



Common American Journal offers our condolences to Doctor Inhofe’s family and friends, and to the people of Oklahoma.



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