Woman Who Claims She Isn’t Running for President Says Islamic State isn’t Islamic

Daniel Greenfield
FrontPage Magazine

…“We took decisive action against the threat of violent extremism,” Clinton said of her four years as America’s top diplomat…

…The former first lady also refused to call the group by the name it calls itself: the Islamic State.

“Whether you call them ISIS or ISIL, I refuse to call them the Islamic State, because they are neither Islamic or a state,” Clinton said. “Whatever you call them, I think we can agree that the threat is real.”…

Is Hillary contending that ISIS is made up of non-Muslims or that it isn’t dedicated to the proposition of making everyone follow Islamic law?

Hillary Clinton can’t decide what to call ISIS, but the one thing she knows is that they can’t be Islamic. Certainly not terrorists. Maybe some sort of violent extremists.

Like the Tea Party.

But military action is “not sufficient alone.”

“There has to be more,” Clinton said. “You have to combat them on social media.”

Great plan. We’ll defeat ISIS on Twitter.


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Pentagon Officials acknowledged yesterday that U.S. Airstrikes alone will not save the Syrian City of Kobani from being taken over by the ISIS Muslim Army. Unspeakable crimes against humanity undoubtedly await those trapped in Kobani if ISIS prevails. Here is a map of ISIS-controlled territory as of yesterday, 10/9/14



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