World Trade Center Used in DSCC Scott Brown Attack Ad

January 15, 2010

At National Review, “Desperate Dems’ Bad Taste Reaches *Epic* New Heights,” and “Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Makes Worst Stock Photo Choice Ever.”

Plus, from Michelle Malkin, “Blundermania: Dems Attack Scott Brown’s “Greed” Using World Trade Center” (via Memeorandum):


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee decided to “help” flailing Mass. Senate candidate Martha Coakley with a hard-hitting ad attacking GOP challenger Scott Brown’s opposition to the White House’s Cover Tim Geithner’s A** Tax.

Except that they got so carried away with the class warfare rhetoric they Photoshopped Brown in front of the World Trade Center, which, um, was destroyed by jihadists who share the same view of American “greed” as the DSCC does.

Ben Smith at Politico has the scoop and reports that the DSCC is pulling the ad.

Please keep “helping,” DSCC!

And here it is, via Snooper Report:

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