Yet another staggering abuse of power by Obama’s DOJ or just an extraordinary coincidence?

It Begins… Holder Justice Department Goes After Top Romney Donor

Jim Hoft


In early July the DCCC claimed that Sheldon Adelson was involved in some kind of Chinese prostitution strategy. They later retracted their statements after Adelson threatened to sue them.

Now this…
The Holder Justice Department is investigating the Las Vegas Sands Corporation whose owner Sheldon Adelson is a top Romney donor…

The article continues at GatewayPundit.

At PJ Media Bryan Preston wrote, I’m Sure this is Just a Coinkidink

Weasel Zippers: Unreal: Obama DOJ Goes After Top Romney Donor Sheldon Adelson… Chilling abuse of power.

And the first ones out of the gate with this story, The Astute Bloggers: Obama using the DOJ to attack political enemies. Liberals who excuse this are hypocritical scum.

And, Is pederast and dirty liar Harry Reid behind the DOJ’s investigation of Sheldon Adelson?

Harry IS certainly in the right neighborhood to warrant suspicion of involvement. “Now, do I know that’s true? Well, I’m not certain…”

Update:  Beyond Nixonian: Thug Obama Uses Injustice Department to Target Romney Donor.

Update 2: Gibson Guitars settles with Justice Department over exotic woods

Update 3Alleged Chinese-Mexican Meth Lord Is Causing A Headache For Sheldon Adelson

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