You shouldn’t make a movie that offends Not All Muslims (unless it helps Obama get reelected)

Jim Treacher
The Daily Caller

Remember when riots broke out in the Middle East and our ambassador to Libya was murdered on the anniversary of 9/11, and Not All Muslims blamed it on a dumb YouTube video? Remember when the State Department and the Obama administration went right along with that assessment for weeks, until they couldn’t get away with lying about it anymore? And remember when the guy who made the dumb YouTube video was taken away for questioning in the middle of the night, and then thrown in jail in an “unrelated” parole violation? Remember all that?

Never mind…

…we’ve just spent the better part of a month debating whether you should be able to make a movie that offends someone’s religion, assuming that religion is Islam.

This is different, of course, because shut up.

Not that I wouldn’t like to see Harvey Weinstein being frogmarched into a squad car, mind you…

Read the whole thing at The Daily Caller.

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Update: Lawyers Rally in Defense of Anti-Muslim Filmmaker

“There were great suspicions raised by the speed and intensity of investigation of the filmmaker. Many people viewed it as something of a pretext investigation,” he said. “It seemed obvious to many of us that the administration wanted a picture of this man being handcuffed and put in the back of a cruiser so it would play around the world and in the Arab street.”

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