'You were born for times such as this.'

Glenn: This time of year brings back the memories of the good and the bad

Glenn Beck

…There are days especially this time of year that I still feel alone. But the darkness no longer can whisper its lies. I’m no longer willing to believe, at least for very long.

The truth is, I’m not alone and you’re not alone. Your children, friends, and family would not be better off without you. You will find a job. You will find a friend. You will find a spouse. Your life does have meaning. You just may not have found it yet. You do matter. You impact people you meet. You make a difference. God does exist. God sees you, God hears you, and He cares. You were born for times such as this. Reach out to Him and then reach out to someone else, a friend, a loved one.

If things are really dark, a helpline. There’s somebody there because you aren’t alone.

Last night as I jot these things down, I thought, I don’t even know who I’m writing this for. But I was compelled to write it.

But you are listening. So perhaps this message was meant for you.



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