YouTube Caught Red-handed Cooking Stats for Obama

By Selwyn Duke
Thursday, September 24, 2009

News aggregator is currently linking to a YouTube video of a government schoolteacher instructing young students to praise Obama in song. While this is shocking, there is an even bigger story here. Consider this: the video’s “views” counter listed only 363 views as of 1:04 p.m. EST on Sept. 24.

But at the same time it had 2,279 comments.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Obviously, those figures should in the least be reversed. After all, since the number of comments on high-traffic YouTube videos generally represents only one-half of one percent to three percent of the total views, we can estimate that the Obama worship video had in excess of 200,000 hits at the time. But what accounts for this? Is it a technical glitch? I doubt it.

But why would YouTube cook the statistical books?

Because the exposure a video receives is based on its number of views. And YouTube — owned by leftist leviathan Google — wants to suppress negative information about Barack Obama and the left in general.

In other words, if a video receives tremendous traffic, it appears on YouTube’s “Popular” videos page or its “Most Viewed” page. This means it will get infinitely more exposure — it will be seen not just by the people who have driven it onto the front page but also those who wouldn’t normally know about it. But YouTube likely doesn’t want you to know about the Obama worship video.

The article continues at Canada Free Press and hopefully won’t be dismantled before CAJ readers have a chance to view the page.

Our note: Hundreds of comments on in recent weeks make note of the strange “view counter’ problem on YouTube. Some videos do not appear to register the numerous hits Twitter subscribers know they should have.

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