A fortuitous head-stomping lifts lefty hearts

Finally some good news for Democrats.

A fortuitous head-stomping lifts lefty hearts.


ADDED: I’m trying to understand the scope of the political theater depicted in the video and reported here. The woman, a Moveon.org employee, came to the debate to create a scene, we’re told, by presenting a joke “award” to Ron Paul. [sic]

In the video from CNN affiliate WDRB, several men wearing Rand Paul shirts or stickers are seen ripping a blonde wig off the head of Lauren Valle and pushing her to the ground. One of the men stomps on her shoulder with his foot, which then lands on the side of her head.

Are the men in the T-shirts also from Moveon.org? Who were they? There were no arrests and though there was a crowd, no one bothered to have detained these men. Did they just melt back into the night? It’s very convenient that these bad actors were wearing labels identifying them.

“We don’t know the suspect. We’re in the process of trying to review the video tapes,” said Lt. Edward Hart. “Where this took place, there were no police officers.”

All of the people who accosted Valle in the video are subject to charges, Hart said.

Valle, who complained of soreness to her temple, told police she would seek medical attention herself.

So her head was on the curb and her neck was stomped, but she will go off and take care of herself?

I’m skeptical!…

This continues at Althouse

Here is a report by local media.

Update: At Legal Insurrection, The Gulf of Paducah Incident

Prior to the Kentucky Senate debate in Paducah last night, a woman with a history of politically-inspired vandalism who was dressed in disguise approached Rand Paul to present him with a Move-On.org “award,” and was pulled to the ground by Paul supporters, one of whom needlessly pushed her back to the ground momentarily with his foot.

The police can and should review the videos to see if a crime was committed, and fortunately the woman was not seriously injured (unlike a Paul supporter who was injured by Jack Conway supporters in an unrelated incident).  The Paul campaign immediately criticized the violence on both sides.

Yet the left-wing blogosphere is engaged in hyperbole by asserting that the woman was “brutally attacked” by “Brownshirts” and extrapolating the incident into a wider indictment of (take your pick) Rand Paul’s campaign and/or the Tea Party movement.

As I have documented dozens of times before, the left-blogosphere has concocted allegations against Tea Party members for much of the past year in an effort to paint opponents of Democrats as extremist and violent.  Really for the first time, they have an incident they can blow out of proportion for political purposes.

Unfortunately, people being pushed to the ground while approaching a candidate is not new.  Just ask John McCormack who was thrown to the ground by a Martha Coakley campaign staffer last January…

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