A ray of good news for Navy Seals…


A bit of history.

The Left does everything they can to undermine our military. Especially the guys who are the point of the spear. The two most recent examples of this would be the Haditha Marines and the Navy Seals charged with beating the high value target they brought out to face justice.

In the case of the Haditha Marines, the thankfully late John Murtha did everything he could to convict them in the press. That didn’t work out so well for Jack.

In the case of the Navy Seals, that seems to be following the same track. From the Washington Times today…

Cracks are beginning to appear in the military’s prosecution of three Navy SEALs accused of striking a most-wanted terrorism suspect they had captured in Iraq.

Maj. Gen. Charles Cleveland last week signed grants of immunity for five Navy colleagues of the accused.

Some of those five, three enlisted men and two officers, are expected at trial to flatly contradict the prosecution’s key witness, according to a Navy source close to the case, which centers on the September 2009 capture of Ahmed Hashim Abed.

The witness, the master-at-arms at the base in Anbar province where the captured terrorist was brought, told investigators that he saw Abed being struck by one SEAL. One of the immunized witnesses identified by the master-at-arms for corroboration is not expected to support his testimony.


Interesting note on support for the Seals…

A Facebook page, “Support the Navy SEALs who Captured Ahmed Hashim Abed,” has attracted nearly 120,000 members. Another Facebook page, “Americans United Against the Prosecution of 3 Navy SEALs,” has nearly 265,000 members

You can find the Facebook page here.

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