ABC News: Obama Tax Increases Will Affect 900,000 Small Businesses
Breitbart TV
9 Jul 2012

Also, at Big Government, Obama Prepares to Drop Tax-Increase Bomb On Job Creators

…Today, in yet another desperate attempt to win a news cycle as opposed to do his job and what’s best for the country, Obama will use the high-profile setting of the Rose Garden to call for a huge tax increase on those making $250,000 or more, which will, of course, hit who knows how many small business owners. Naturally, Obama and his Media Palace Guards will spin today’s announcement as a call to keep in place the Bush-era tax cuts for those making under $250,000 a year (a middle class tax cut), but it’s really a call to raise taxes on our nation’s job creators.

In other words, as the economy and job growth stalls, Obama will effectively propose taking money away from those institutions that represent America’s engine of job creation…

Read the whole thing.

Also, With Today’s Tax Flip-Flop Obama Moves Left of Pelosi, Hits 900K Small Bizs

Update: CNN Host: Economists say Obama’s tax plan today will cut our current GDP growth in half

Update 2: Videos from Freedom’s Lighthouse:

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