‘Allah Is Great’ Shouted By Passenger On Continental Airlines Flight, TSA Says ‘Not A Security Issue’


Well, it happened again, a sudden case of a Southern Baptist screaming Praise the Lord,…ooops a Muslim saying “Allah is great” and causing a disruption on an airplane…

Two people were arrested after a scare on board a Continental flight that was headed to Houston. Continental Flight 1113, which was headed from Portland to Houston, returned to Portland when a passenger refused to obey the “no smoking” sign the passenger and a traveling companion were taken off the plane. The flight resumed and departed Portland at approximately 2:05 p.m.

Refused to obey the “no smoking sign?” Come on! That’s a nice way to tell those passengers they didn’t hear what their ears told them. And then TSA has the nerve to say there was no security issue….

…numerous FBI agents have confirmed that from now on, FBI headquarters has banned all FBI offices from inviting any counter-terrorist specialists who are considered “anti-Islam” by Muslim Brotherhood front groups…

Feel safe?…

Maybe the Rev. Franklin Graham is right.

The complete article, with video, is at Marooned in Marin.

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