Andrew Breitbart – Media Warrior

James O’Keefe
Project Veritas

Andrew Breitbart told me this past weekend, “People are going to say whatever and try to claim whatever to try and take us out. They have an irrational fear of us. They want us on a leash. We’re not going to be on a leash. They want us to dance. We’re not going to dance with them.” The truthfulness and prescience of this statement was confirmed every time Andrew appeared on mainstream media programming. Time and time again he was attacked in every way and from every angle imaginable, and time and time again he refused to be leashed and refused to dance to their tune. In our country today, to inform your fellow citizens and advocate on behalf of the positions your conscience dictates is not always an easy thing; it can be a battle. And battles need warriors.‬

Andrew Breitbart was a media warrior who, better than anyone, understood the challenges facing those of us who expose facts and advocate for positions which run contrary to the narrative advanced by big government and big journalism. I woke up this morning saddened by the loss and lonely without his presence; he had long been a source of comfort and advice for me because he knew better than anyone the challenges faced by citizen journalists. Better than anyone he understood the effort and energy required to fight. Not just the big fights, but also the small fights. Every article, every email, every tweet was a battle to get the truth out despite the forces that were working against him. Every day was a new struggle against the forces of conformity and compliance.

Andrew was a colorful and magnetic personality, as humorous as he was passionate. On the day we first met in August 2009, his beautiful and precocious children had apparently painted his toenails. It was during that first meeting that I showed him video footage of an investigation into ACORN. He told me the establishment would call the actions of the employees in the first tape, “an isolated incident.” “We’re going to embarrass the media if they try to cover this up,” he told me. Perhaps that’s why they want us on a leash…

…God bless you, Andrew Breitbart; thank you for all you’ve taught me and all that you’ve given to us all.

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Update: Ann McElhinney [photo at left], Andrew Breitbart: Warrior Prince.

Update 2: Andrew Breitbart told friends he was in talks with CNN to co-host a show with Anthony Weiner

Andrew Breitbart, the conservative firebrand and new media pioneer who died suddenly at just 43, had told friends he was poised to take his jihad against the Left deeper into the mainstream media with a regular show on CNN.

Last weekend, Breitbart told friends he was in early talks with CNN about a Crossfire-style show in which he would argue from the Right alongside former US House representative Anthony Weiner taking him on from the Left.

Such a show could have been a blockbuster. In what was perhaps his finest hour, Breitbart was the man who ended the political career of Weiner by revealing that the married congressman he had sent lewd photographs sent to young women via Twitter…

…He was proud that [his] house was right next to the LA National Cemetery, where many American troops were buried and military funerals were often held. He told me that his real estate agent had told him the proximity to the cemetery meant the house was worth less but to him it increased its value…

Update: Remembering Andrew Breitbart at Backyard Conservative, with several links to articles around the web.

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