Awaiting the Soros-Obama SOTUS: The State of the ‘Re-making America’ Revolution

Kyle-Anne Shiver
January 27, 2010

This time last year, two proud and powerful citizens of the world stood at the pinnacle of victory. Barack Obama was being inaugurated as President of the United States. Both on the campaign trail and in his inaugural address, Obama proclaimed the start of his “remaking America” revolution.

George Soros had finally managed to back, promote and land a winner. Their joint venture– Obama’s 2004 bid for the U.S. Senate — had paid off in the ultimate jackpot: the presidency.

Soros, the instigator and funder of various “velvet revolutions” in smaller countries, seemed convinced that all he needed to bring the U.S. into submission to a global government, stripped of her sovereignty, was a “citizen of the world” president to replace the all-American president, George W. Bush. Soros has openly referred to the “bubble of American supremacy” and has berated our lone-superpower position as bringing much more harm than good to the “global family.”

Soros explained his early support of Obama, telling Judy Woodruff in May 2008, “…Obama has the charisma and the vision to radically reorient America in the world.” When Woodruff queried Soros on whether it might be a concern that Obama lacked experience to lead in this dangerous time we live in, Soros responded, “…this emphasis on experience is way overdone…”

While most voters now regret their willingness to let the experience factor go by the wayside in the last presidential election, Soros knew that the nearly complete inexperience of his own candidate would be his best friend.

Soros has brought about his “velvet revolutions” using not experienced political power-brokers, but by financing NGOs (non-governmental organizations). So, for Soros’ purpose of ushering in a global government with oligarchs like him in charge to replace American supremacy, Barack Obama’s campaign “charisma” was the vital ingredient. His lack of experience meant, also, that Obama would be forced to rely on the various socialist think tanks and NGOs that Soros has been funding and guiding for two decades now…

…George Soros is nearly 80 years old. He has everything riding on Obama. If he is to get anywhere close to realizing his vision of a one-world government, then Obama must keep fighting for the revolution.

The president has just signaled his intention to do exactly that.

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