Before Making False Claims Against Glenn Beck, Perhaps Cenk Uygur Should Fix His Own ‘Jewish Problem’

Yid with Lid

Gee whiz everyone is trying to get into the act. People keep popping out of the woodwork wanting to be spokesmen for the Jews just so they can attack Glenn Beck with false claims of Antisemitism. Most of the attacks come from the hypocritical Media Matters who is funded by the famous “spooky dude,” George Soros.

Sometimes the Beck haters enlist Jewish groups, such as the ADL or the Jewish Funds for Justice to spread the Antisemitic myths obviously hoping that because they have Jewish names the charges will stick, but make no mistake about it, neither the ADL or the Jewish Funds for Justice give a “rats arse” about Jewishness, their real priority is advancing a progressive agenda…

…Cenk Uygur runs a website called Young Turks which is loaded with Antisemitic comments that are reminiscent of the Antisemitic cartoons published in the Arab media

But yesterday, the Beck haters went way beyond the pale, they enlisted Cenk Uygur to accuse Glenn Beck of Antisemitism…

…Cenk Uygur’s charges of Antisemitism toward Glenn Beck is also classic case of Loshen Hora. Not being a Jew, it is even more disgusting that he make up these kind of charges against Glenn Beck or anyone else. No one elected him to be the spokes person for the Jews or arbiter of Antisemitism. And like most bullies, Uygur made his reprehensible charges without first cleaning out his own house which is filled with hatred.

The complete article, with video, is at Yid with Lid.

H/T American Power. Definitely follow that link to read more and watch video from MSNBC.

CAJ note: Cenk Uygur is Keith Olbermann’s replacement at MSNBC. Note to Mr. Uygur: we understand you won’t let the facts get in your way, but why not do a websearch for “Rabbi Daniel Lapin.”

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