Bill Ayers Outraged: Why Do Uniformed Military Get on Planes First?

Dan Collins
Conservative Commune

This outrageous outrage must be ended!



…What he’s really saying is that people like him, who brainwash youth for fascists, are the true heroes who ought to get deference for their tremendous sacrifices to the Republic, and that we must sustain their underfunded pensions at all costs, because some don’t really need to share the sacrifice, because their every living, breathing moment is a sacrifice. Expletive him.

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Here’s more from The Blaze:

Ayers to Airlines: Don’t Seat Her First

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…The couple passed along protesting and anti-military nuggets of wisdom to the youngsters who received it in good spirits. For example, the former confidants to President Obama made sure to mention that America is “a declining power” that must depend on “a militarized 1%.”…

And I said as I always do: let’s let the teachers and nurses get on first and thank them for their service.  I mean, why is it that everything military has got to be good and everything that has to do with actual work, real work, not jobs, real work for people, that stuff gets discouraged and marginalized.” [Emphasis added]…

…“We can’t imagine a world without Capitalism!?  What the F–k would that look like?”

“But actually, I can imagine it, and I want you to imagine it.”…

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