Boehner Protects Eric Holder From Contempt Of Congress Citation…Again

Doug Book
Western Journalism

…Last week, CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who has reported ferociously on Regime Fast and Furious felonies and misdemeanors since its inception, wrote of another contempt citation being prepared by Darrell Issa. Attkisson discovered a 48 page draft had been provided House Speaker John Boehner, undoubtedly complete with Holder’s every lie, diversion and refusal to comply with House subpoenas…

…Three months ago, it was reported that John Boehner would sell out to Eric Holder and the Democrat Party by making an under the table deal with the Attorney General for the Fast and Furious generated scalps of a few DOJ underlings. Of course, Barack Obama and Eric Holder would in return be exonerated. Unfortunately, if a nationwide account of this contemplated betrayal worked to stop Speaker Boehner in his tracks, it certainly didn’t seem to provide incentive for a more courageous tack.

In 1821, the Supreme Court ruled that Congress must have the power to issue citations of contempt in order to “…not [be] exposed to every indignity and interruption that rudeness, caprice, or even conspiracy may mediate against it.”

Yet although proof of his decades of criminal wrongdoing abounds, Republican leaders are frightened to death at the thought of holding Eric Holder to account. And he is in return piling successive rounds of indignity upon the House of Representatives via the deadly Obama Regime conspiracy of Operation Fast and Furious…

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Update:  Judge Napolitano: Eric Holder Could Be Held In Contempt For Non-Response About Fast & Furious

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