Boom! Hurricane Sandy victim rips do-nothing Obama on ‘Cavuto’


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President Obama is safely back in his grass skirt in Hawaii, but back here on the mainland, all is not well. In addition to dealing with escalating taxes, Hurricane Sandy victims bear the additional burden of being hung out to dry by the man who pledged to help them. Only a man with a warped conscience could jet off on vacation while his country is in turmoil, but then, Barack Obama’s never been one to let conscience get in the way.

That dismissive attitude isn’t flying with Sandy victim Scott McGrath. This afternoon on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” he took President Obama on a much-needed trip to the woodshed…

…Money allotted for Alaskan fisheries and new Amtrak lines does absolutely nothing to help the people affected by Hurricane Sandy…

The complete article is at Twitchy.

Also at the site, Rep. Paul Ryan, GOP ripped for ‘mean-spirited’ vote against Sandy relief bill.

Watch the video at The Right Scoop.

…[Scott McGrath] says that even though they need the aid money from Congress, they shouldn’t lard it up with pork because tax payers will have to pay for it down the road. Love hearing that, especially from a Sandy victim. Also, he said Chuck Schumer is full of it after lambasting Republicans for not passing it with all the pork in it…

Related: House approves $9.7 billion in Sandy flood aid

…As with past natural disasters, the Sandy aid proposals do not provide for offsetting spending cuts. Some tea party House Republicans and other fiscal conservatives favor cutting other federal programs to pay for some or all disaster costs.

The Club For Growth, a conservative group, on Friday urged lawmakers to oppose the bill, saying that Congress should only approve Sandy aid in installments to make sure the money is wisely spent and that any new Sandy aid should be offset with spending cuts elsewhere.

“Congress should not allow the federal government to be involved in the flood insurance industry in the first place, let alone expand the national flood insurance program’s authority,” the group said in a statement…

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