Brother to brother: I got a fantastic idea…… Wait a year, then go for it

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
21 September 2011

No, I don’t have any ulterior motives like seizing the reigns as president for life my re-election to a second term.

I never have any other thoughts than the complete Marxist-Jihad takeover of America and helping to wipe Israel off the map doing the right thing for America and Israel.

US presents plan for PA to defer UN bid for one year.

Washington aims to salvage Mideast crisis aversion plan, suggests PA be allowed to deliver statehood bid to UN but defer acting on it for 12 months.

Timing is everything.

Do I have to explain further ?
(Hint: [Follow this link then hover your cursor over the photo and the link above it.] )

No ?


You’re finally starting to understand how the bastards operate.



* * *

H/T @beesnguns on Twitter

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