‘Communists have long hated marriage and family, preferring that the state raise children…’

Don Surber

…Communists have long hated marriage and family, preferring that the state raise children, which is now the preference of the American Left, too. The beginning of the campaign against the American family traces back to the 1950s. Liberals mocked the time of peace and prosperity as bland. Toward the end of the decade, President Eisenhower sent Vice President Richard Nixon to Moscow. That trip helped boost Nixon’s image ahead of the 1960 presidential campaign. Also, Nixon not Eisenhower met Nikita Khrushchev, which meant the head of the Soviet empire was not the equal of the leader of the free world. The two confronted one another at the opening of the American National Exhibition at Sokolniki Park in Moscow on July 24, 1959, would become to be known as the Kitchen Debate, which was later broadcast on television in both nations. Big mistake on the Soviet premier’s part. Nixon happened to be an excellent debater, the spin from the final 1960 debate aside. Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev explored the difference for consumers under capitalism and communism. Household products was an interesting topic for a debate, but when you are trying to defend the home from a takeover by the state, the kitchen is a good place to start…

…Television families come in many different shapes and styles but the ones that draw the best audiences are the ones in which the family comes first. Attempts to undermine the family are doomed because people want to belong, as Norman Lear found out the hard way. People want the lake and the boat and the noodle salad. They don’t want the state raising their children. The Bible lasts not because some religion required people to read the Bible, but because the Bible still makes sense.



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