Connecticut State Employees Fraudulently Filed for Food Stamp Benefits

Dr. Susan Berry
Big Government

The legal counsel of Governor Dannel Malloy (D-CT) has reported that “many” Connecticut state employees may be involved in food stamp fraud, and is urging heads of state departments to cooperate with investigators and prosecutors on both the state and federal levels.

During a rather abruptly organized press conference last Sunday, Gov. Malloy revealed that 800 of the 23,000 people who obtained federal disaster aid, following Tropical Storm Irene, were state employees, some of whom may actually qualify for the assistance. Thus far, 24 state employees appear to have fraudulently qualified for the disaster aid.

Andrew McDonald, the governor’s chief counsel, said, “We have credible information to suspect that many state employees who received the benefits did so by materially misrepresenting important information included in their applications” for food stamp benefits.”

Those who applied for the disaster funds, known as D-SNAP, received debit cards for as much as $1200, to replace food that had reportedly spoiled due to lack of electrical power during the period following the storm…

The article continues with video, at Big Government.

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