Dem Senator Who Voted for ObamaCare, Stimulus Says She’s ‘Indispensable’

Jason Pye
United Liberty

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) is likely facing a tough bid for re-election next year in a state that Mitt Romney carried by 18 points over President Barack Obama. Landrieu has eeked out wins over the past couple of cycles, but her voting record is increasingly out-of-touch with the conservative views of Louisiana. She voted for the wasteful stimulus bill in 2009 and ObamaCare in 2010, as well as the subsequent legislation that would repeal it.

More recently, Landrieu voted against less than 1% across the board spending cut and increasing the debt limit and voted for gun control measures, online sales taxes, and a $1 trillion tax hike on top of the “fiscal cliff” tax hike she supported earlier this year.

To this point, Landrieu has dared Republicans to challenge her and her big argument for re-election is rather arrogant in that she claims that she’s “indispensible”…


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