Denmark Tightens Immigration Rules

by Baron Bodissey
Gates of Vienna

Once again, Denmark leads the way. Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc has translated a brief report from Jyllands-Posten about the newest restrictions that have been imposed on immigration:

Further restrictions on immigration to Denmark

Today the Danish Government and its supporting party, the Danish People’s Party, signed an agreement further restricting laws on immigration to Denmark.

According to the Danish news agency Ritzau the agreement will impose harsher conditions on family reunions. Up until now spouses could not be granted reunion if they had received welfare benefits within one year. That period will be extended to three years.

Furthermore, the agreement will change the rules for asylum-seekers who want to visit their country of origin. If they do so — without special permission — they will be denied access to Denmark for ten years. Up until now, no such condition existed.

The article continues at Gates of Vienna.

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