Did Anonymous Target Boston Hospital in Cyberattacks Over Justina Pelletier Case?

Liz Klimas
The Blaze

Boston Children’s Hospital recently experienced cyberattacks that prevented patients and medical personnel from using online accounts, and the hacker collective Anonymous could be behind it, supposedly launching an initiative in response to the Justina Pelletier case.

“Over the weekend and through [Wednesday], Boston Children’s Hospital’s website has been the target of multiple attacks designed to bring down the site by overwhelming its capacity,” spokesman Rob Graham said, according to the Boston Globe.

Anonymous is well-known for using this tactic, known as a distributed denial of service, to make websites temporarily unavailable. But it is not confirmed that the recent cyberattack is the result of the loosely organized hacker network.

In March, a YouTube video claiming to be from an Anonymous faction called for Justina Pelletier to be returned to her family in #OpJustina…

…The facility where Justina Pelletier has been since January – Wayside Youth and Family Support Network in Framingham, Massachusetts — also reported some “disruptions” in its networks.

“Though we do not know the source, we are dismayed and concerned that someone would try to disrupt the important work we do with hundreds of children and families in various community and home settings,” Wayside told the Globe



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