Diplomats: Compromise deal with a nuclear Iran tops Obama’s 2013 agenda

World Tribune

U.S. reconciliation with Iran has come to lead the agenda of President Barack Obama.

Leading former diplomats asserted that Obama has set 2013 as the year of decision regarding U.S. relations with Iran. They said Obama prefers a reconciliation with the Teheran regime in a deal that would lift U.S. sanctions and enable Iran to maintain a nuclear energy program.

“The move to decision on Iran is the most pressing and dangerous issue on the U.S. and international agenda in 2013,” James Jeffrey, a former ambassador to Iraq, said. “The year ahead will largely define the longstanding struggle between Washington and Teheran, and the considerable stakes involved make it absolutely crucial that a swift and decisive resolution be achieved.”

In an address to the Washington Institute on Feb. 7, Jeffrey, also a former deputy national security adviser, said Obama would be required to make significant concessions to reach an Iranian agreement. He said Washington, however, must still retain a military option to block Teheran’s nuclear weapons program…

The article continues at World Tribune. Once you read this, Hagel’s nomination makes perfect sense.

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