DOJ Scolded by White House for Liu’s Trouble

Verum Serum

Sounds like our own Morgen got some people at DOJ in a wee bit of trouble:

According to one Justice Department lawyer, the office lost some credibility with the White House after Republicans seized on holes in the Senate questionnaire of a controversial nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.

The nominee, Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu, was forced to supplement his nomination materials four times. Republicans reacted with outrage, accusing Liu of omitting publications and speeches to conceal his views. White House officials fumed.

The Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed Liu’s nomination, along party lines, earlier this month.

The lawyer said that some in OLP feel as though the Justice Department’s limited involvement in the Kagan nomination is punishment for the Liu omissions and that the office has come under increased supervision by the Office of the Associate Attorney General.

The story does contain some denials as well, but don’t they always? After Sotomayor and now Liu, I’m guessing at least one person in the DOJ press office has us bookmarked by now.

Liu’s nomination was passed out of committee and now remains in a state of perpetual limbo. Any chance the White House will throw him under the bus to grease the wheels for Kagan? Let’s wait and see.

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