E-mails show Chu, DoE staffers claiming ‘total victory’ over WH skeptics of green-tech subsidies program

Ed Morrissey

Last night, the Washington Post published an exclusive on the Congressional probe into Solyndra and other failed subsidy efforts to green-tech companies that may prove more embarrassing than legally damning for the Obama administration — and especially for Stephen Chu and the Department of Energy.  The e-mails released from the Republican side of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee show that discussions of the problematic loan guarantees included senior White House officials, and that at one time Barack Obama’s senior staff demanded that the President be briefed personally on the issues, shortly before Solyndra collapsed.

Did that briefing take place?  The e-mails don’t answer that question, but they do reveal that despite having serious concerns about the claims of the DoE on the loan guarantee program, the White House allowed it to continue, even though they thought Chu and DoE were giving away the store.  The man who ran the loan program, Jonathan Silver, claimed in an in e-mail that Chu “annihilated” the White House economic team’s objections, declaring “total victory” …

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