FCC Chairman Genachowski confident in authority over broadband, despite critics

Cecilia Kang
Washington Post

Internet service providers are stepping up their campaign to prevent the Federal Communications Commission from regulating them like telephone companies and questioning the limits of the agency’s power over the Internet.

Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski said in an interview Tuesday at The Washington Post that he’s confident of the agency’s authority, and that his focus is on moving ahead with the Obama administration’s campaign to bring high-speed Internet to all American homes.

The FCC will present a national broadband plan to Congress in two weeks. Genachowski said he plans to recommend unleashing 500 megahertz of spectrum for the next generation of smartphones, tablet computers and other portable devices that connect people wirelessly to the Web.

But he wouldn’t answer whether the FCC is considering a move, urged by some public interest groups, to reclassify broadband service providers — the companies that provide access to the Web — so they more clearly fall under the agency’s jurisdiction.

The article continues at Washington Post.

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