Fiscal Armageddon

The Judge’s plain truth on why, if we don’t handle our fiscal mess now, we’ll have to face it when it becomes even more severe.

Related: Peter Schiff posted this video of Marc Farber to his Facebook page today. CNBC has removed it from YouTube and other business sites, according to Schiff’s comments.

Marc Faber on Gold, Inflation, & the Federal Reserve
Marc Faber appeared on CNBC and was his usual self, speaking the truth in such a clear and concise way that only Ben Bernanke could not understand. Marc Faber was speaking with Joe Kernan and said that due to money printing by the Federal Reserve, gold looks cheap compared to the 1999 price of $250/oz. He also said the markets are down 80% compared to gold/silver. Faber also touched on the struggle of class warfare between the rich and poor and said that since 50% of Americans don’t pay taxes, the rich are inflating the currency and investing offshore while the average investor can not. He was then called (nicely) a conspiracy theorist… Marc Faber said to buy gold, silver, fine art, and basically anything that can not be mass produced. While he didn’t say hyperinflation, it sure does look more like it everyday. Let the economic collapse begin…This is classic Marc Faber.

Update: George Soros Says The US Should Take On More Debt And Not Be Obsessed With Budget Cuts Video at Business Insider.

Bill O’Reilly’s “Talking Points,” 4/11/2011: Does President Obama and the left want to collapse the economic system in order to “recast” it?

Both updated items H/T Jared Law, The 9/12 Project

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