FLOTUS $50k shopping spree shuts down Madison Avenue. Update: WH says nonsense

Queen Michelle Closes Madison Avenue for $50K Shopping Spree

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I guess when you’re spending millions of taxpayer dollars on your lavish vacations you’ve got to do a little prep work in advance.

First Lady Michelle Obama has apparently given British lingerie label Agent Provocateur a boost after a lavish spending spree last year.

Mrs Obama, it is claimed, closed down part of Madison Avenue in the ladies-who-lunch section of Manhattan during a shopping trip that saw her spend $50,000 in the boutique…

…Who’s shocked any more by the out-of-control spending by this elitist snob? I wonder why the Washington press corps never reported this?

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Risqué: Lingerie is on view at an Agent Provocateur store similar to the one on Madison Avenue Mrs Obama is said to have visited. The Daily Mail. Click the image to enlarge


CAJ note: If it weren’t for the British media, would Americans have any news of our country at all?

UpdateAmericanPower, ‘Gas expected to hit $5/gallon in summer’

Also, Michelle Obama has risked the wrath of cash-strapped Americans by indulging in a $50,000 shopping spree at Agent Provocateur, at The Telegraph:

…Agent Provocateur, which is styled on vintage Hollywood glamour, sells handmade Calais lace corsets that sell for up to £900 [approx. $1400 US], which could ruffle the feathers of more than just President Obama in an election year…

…“The glamour of the AP brand is really powerful – it has a luxurious quality, that means people have a sense of walking away with a special purchase even when they are buying a pair of knickers,” says Mr Hogarth.

Creative director Sarah Shotton has said that it was her collection of vintage Playboy magazines that made her “want to re-introduce the sensuality and flirtation of the 70s into our campaigns”.

While Americans re-live the economy of the 1970s…? This must be the “shared sacrifice” part.

Also, Check Out How Much Security Tails The Obamas On Their Night Stroll To A Museum

So, it’s not difficult to imagine how much the security detail for the shopping spree cost. Unless we split the expense with the oil kingdom of Qatar, of course…

Update 2: At Instapundit, Prof. Reynolds issues a hypocrisy alert.

At The Blaze Scott Baker takes a cautious approach to the story:

…Did I mention they make a $24,000 “playsuit?” You don’t really want to know, right? At least I’ll have something to ask the Emir of Qatar if I ever meet him.

There is no denying that Agent Provocateur has tried to live up to it’s name. The brand is well known for it’s “scandalous” ads.

I looked at several of the videos on their YouTube channel.

I don‘t think I’m old enough to look at any of them.

In the end, we don’t know what Michelle Obama bought or how much she spent.

At least at this point.

Maybe responsible journalism requires me to make an in-person visit to the Madison Avenue store this week. The truth has no agenda, right?

Baker is able to compare Victoria’s Secret to Montgomery Wards. Read the whole thing.

Update 3Sheer nonsense: WH busts lingerie story

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