FNC’s Megyn Kelly interviews Malik Zulu Shabazz

12 July 2010

H/T Fire Andrea Mitchell 7/9/2010

At NiceDeb, NBPP Leader Malik “Zulu” Shabazz Lies and Spins Throughout Megyn Kelly Interview

A couple of things…

#1: Even though Megyn Kelly managed to elicit from Shabazz an admission that King Samir Shabazz violated “the organization’s” rules by carrying that nightsick, (which he joked about in a private meeting with New Black Panthers)…”little Shabazz” has been welcomed back to the fold with open arms. Video here.

#2: He said Megyn mischaracterized his words, as quoted by Nagee Muhammad, and claimed Muhammad is not affiliated with the the NBPP -(see 5:00 in the 1st video).


Exibit 1: Nagee was affiliated enough to be a featured speaker at the NBPP sponsored Black Power convention in May of this year…

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