Former IRS commissioner Shulman’s wife works for liberal group fighting open campaign spending

Patrick Howley
The Daily Caller

Former Internal Revenue Service commissioner Douglas H. Shulman, a frequent White House guest during the period when the IRS was targeting conservative nonprofits, is married to the senior program advisor for Public Campaign, an “organization dedicated to sweeping campaign reform that aims to dramatically reduce the role of big special interest money in American politics.”

The IRS is under fire for improperly scrutinizing the tax-exempt nonprofit status of conservative groups between 2010 and 2012, demanding conservative training materials, personal information on conservative college interns and even the content of religious groups’ prayers. IRS supporters have defended the beleaguered agency by railing against outside spending and special interest money supposedly pumped into the 2012 campaign by conservative benefactors.

One of those defenders is the group of which Shulman’s spouse is an executive.

Shulman’s wife Susan L. Anderson is the senior program advisor for the Washington-based nonprofit organization Public Campaign, which claims that it “is laying the foundation for reform by working with a broad range of organizations, including local community groups, around the country that are fighting for change and national organizations whose members are not fairly represented under the current campaign finance system.”…

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Also, The IRS Scandal Is Much Worse Than Anyone Realizes

…But you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg of this IRS scandal. This is the Titanic of scandals. Attorney General Eric Holder should have been head of the IRS. They deserve each other. Obama’s henchmen are all cut from the same cloth- bullies. Intimidators. Mob enforcers. They are “made men” for the Obama Crime Family. They bug your phones, read your emails, try to silence critics, try to bankrupt the opposition, name reporters as criminals for simply doing their jobs, ask taxpayers what kind of prayers they believe in. Heck, they even use the IRS to go after groups that dare to believe in the U.S. Constitution. You couldn’t make this stuff up…



A Few Bad Apples: 88 IRS Agents Named as Participating in Targeting, So Far

A legion of rogues.


Update: IRS may have targeted conservative non-tax exempt groups and individuals IRS scandal not bottoming out yet.


Shulman’s Wife Helps Direct Organization Devoted to Keeping UnProgressive Money Out of Campaigns


Update 2IRS scandals include gift tax abuse

At the same time the Internal Revenue Service was targeting tea-party groups, the tax agency took the unusual step of trying to impose gift taxes on donors to a prominent conservative advocacy group formed in 2007 to build support for President George W. Bush’s Iraq troop surge.

The probe of the group, Freedom’s Watch, began in the unit led by Lois Lerner, the IRS official already under scrutiny for her role in the more recent targeting of conservative groups…

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