Four years later scandal-ridden President Pivot suddenly wants to talk about the economy

Flippant Obama: Not ‘distracted by chasing every fleeting issue’

Tom Tillison
BizPac Review

As Americans begin to wake up to the massive cover-up that took place in the aftermath of the attack in Benghazi and struggle to grasp the extreme abuse of power by the IRS, the president said in a speech Friday that he will not be “distracted by chasing every fleeting issue.”

In the face of these still emerging scandals, President Obama suddenly wants to talk about the economy.

While speaking at a factory in Baltimore, displaying the “galling political hubris” that former Gov. Sarah Palin spoke of in a scathing Facebook post Thursday, Obama tried to pivot to jobs and the economy.

While “others may get distracted by chasing every fleeting issue that passes by,” he said, “the middle class will always be my number one focus, period.”

Does this mean that Obama views the IRS terrorizing citizens because of their political views as a “fleeting issue?” Even as it emerges that his administration was aware of this well before November’s election and sat on the information?

Or that he sees misleading the country on what really took place in Benghazi to protect his political fortunes as a “fleeting issue?” We report, you decide.

Watch the video at BizPac Review.


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