Fox News nailed the White House on emails

From blogger Don Surberimages

Major Garrett of Fox News reported that the White House is Spamming them with propaganda about the president’s attempt to take over the health insurance industry.

Fox reported, “The White House on Friday was looking over a list of names submitted by FOX News of people who say they received unsolicited e-mails on health care from the White House, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign or his political organization, Organizing for America.”

Whoa. Wait a second. Is it legal to turn the White House — the nation’s official residency for its president — into a political boilerplate operation?

Is there not a law forbidding federal employees from politicking?

If they are not federal emp[loyees, what are they doing in the White House using federal equipment?

Imagine the fear when someone who attended a Tea Party gets a notice in his PC from the White House; they know who you are and they know where you live.

President Bush took a lot of flak for monitoring Osama bin Laden’s communications.

The White House is being pretty flip about running roughshod over the opposition

I Won’s press flack, Robert Gibbs, got into it with Major Garrett for even questioning the White House for this Big Brother operation.

Their exchange:

Gibbs: “Well, I hesitate to give you an answer because you might impugn the motives of the answer.”

Garrett: “Why would you say that?”

Gibbs: “Because of the way you phrased your follow up. I’d have to look at what you got, Major. I appreciate the fact that I have omnipotent clarity as to what you’ve received in your e-mail box today.”

Garrett: “You don’t have to have omnipotent clarity. You don’t have to impugn anything. I’m telling you what I got: e-mails from people who said I never asked anything from the White House.”

Gibbs: “Let me go someplace else that might be constructive.”

The most abusive White House in 40 years.

Hat tip: Lucianne.

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